Professional Training Program
PTP is a special opportunity for dancers who want to achieve a competitional and professional level. The program ensure a high level of:


(including Pointes Technique) & Conditioning (Vaganova Technique in accordance with the Minister of Russian Education Ministry) and is taught by Mr. Ciprian Stanulescu, former ballet teacher from Romanian Ballet Academy of Bucharest, Romania.


is for Age 6-7 and is more based on preparatory technique, basic exercises at the barre and centre then followed by Allegro (jumps).


is for Age 8-9 and offers basic exercises at the barre and centre then followed by Allegro (jumps).


is for Age 10-11 and continues the work of PTP 1. In this group the dancer will start pointes technique and will develop they dancing skills. All the exercises are done to the centre and the Allegro will have more exercises. The work at the demi-pointe will be applied to all exercises at the barre.


is for Age 12-14 and continues the work of PTP 1 & 2.

At this level the dancers must work on demi-pointe at the centre, intensify the pointes technique and refine their artistry


is for Age 15-19

At this level, dancers must be able to dance their choreographies on pointes.

It is also the level where the dancers will experience more effort, and stamina challenges.


is one of the secrets tool of becoming a good dancer.

The lessons are based on floor barre and Pilates balls technique.

The exercises are especially created by Mr. Ciprian Stãnulescu to develop more turn out as one of the most important requirements in Russian Technique.

Students of the Professional Program Training are expressly required to attend these classes.

Contemporary & Jazz


Contemporary Dance lessons are going to support and continue the creativity developed in the classical dance lessons.


Jazz is also coming with a lot of free movements and helps the dancers to develop different technique than the classical dance.

All the students registered in PTP program will be able to participate in any local Dance Competition.

There are students who also have participated in international competitions, and they have won many prizes.

Mr. Ciprian Stanulescu is among the fewest in Canada who have won 3 times Grand Prix to YAGP and one very significant award for one of his students “The most outstanding international student” in 2016 at the International Ballet Competition in Florida, US.

All the competitions are planned enough time in advance in order to ensure quality and confidence of the participants.