Preparatory Division

“Classical ballet will never die.”Ninette de Valois (Anglo-Irish Ballet Dancer & Choreographer – 1898-2001)

Dancers are placed in levels by age calculated at 1st September.In order to preserve the quality of the lessons, the groups will have maximum 8 students per class.

Level P1 – Preparatory 1 [3-4 Years]
The lessons are focused on familiar & fun movements to stretch and strengthen the body and to teach fundamental ballet skills. At this age we work first at the centre, warming up our bodies with simple stretches and strengthening exercises. Then we use playful movements to teach rhythms, shapes, counting, and music knowledge. 

Level P2 – Preparatory 2 [5-6 Years]
The lessons are focused on memory and listening skills. Students will begin Floor Barre exercises that have been carefully arranged by the Artistic Director Ciprian Stanulescu; these exercises are designed to build muscle strength, correct posture, and proper alignment. Students will also learn age-appropriate repertoire and classes will introduce ballet stories and ballet history through games, movement, and interactive activities designed to enhance the students understanding.

Level P3 – Preparatory 3 [7-9 Years]
Is for young students who are new to Pro Dance or who have had limited dance training, or for those students who have progressed through Preparatory 1 and 2 classes at Pro Dance. Preparatory 3 classes also begin introducing the student to Pre-Pointe exercises in order to build foot & ankle strength for beginning pointes work in the 1st level of the Vaganova Divison. 

The goal of the Preparatory Division, as organized by the Artistic Director Ciprian Stanulescu, is to fully prepare the student for acceptance into the eight-level Vaganova Methodology Study Program. Students who have completed the Preparatory Division curriculum at Pro Dance will be ready to enter into any Vaganova Methodology School Program from around the world.